Japanese Names and How to Read Them

A Manual for Art Collectors and Students

by Albert J. Koop and Hogitaro Inada

Long out of print, the pioneering work of Koop and Inada remains an important and fundamental reference for those wishing to master the pronunciation of Japanese names. The central feature of the 572-page work is a dictionary of kanji used in writing Japanese names, categorized by stroke count, with a complete index cross-referencing characters by pronunciation Also are included are useful auxiliary references such as the Genji symbols, reign periods and dates, personal names and titles, and typical signatures. With copies of the original 1923 edition commanding from $200 to $800, this essential tool for students, scholars, connoisseurs, and collectors is now available in a reasonably priced, soft-cover format.

Albert J. Koop was Keeper in the Department of Metalwork in the Victoria and Albert Museum, honorary editor of the journal Transactions, of the Japan Society, London, and author of the seminal Early Chinese Bronzes. Sword scholar and translator Hogitaro Inada was co-author, with Henri Joly, of The Sword and Samé.

572 pp, 7 x 10, Soft
Japanese art / Art reference
ISBN: 978-1-891640-13-1