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A Dictionary of Japanese Proverbs

by William de Lange

Companion volume to the author’s comprehensive Dictionary of Japanese Idioms, providing English equivalents or translations of over 1000 Japanese proverbs, with extensive cross-referencing leading to related expressions.

240 pp, 6 x 9, Hard
1000 entries, with thumb index
Japanese language & culture
ISBN: 978-1-891640-51-3

A Dictionary of Japanese Idioms

by William de Lange

The most comprehensive compilation and English translation of Japanese idiomatic expressions, with more than 6000 idiomatic phrases under 1000 main entries, including several thousands of idioms never presented and explained in English before.

208 pp, 5 x 8, Soft
Over 6000 entries, two-color printing and thumb index
Japanese language / Reference
ISBN: 978-1-891640-24-7

Western Books on China

Published up to 1850

by John Lust

Describes some 900 works published from 1550 to 1850, as well as 300 additional items reprinted in collective works, covering the first great phase of Western involvement in China.

352 pp, 6.5 x 9.25, Hard
China / Chinese history / Bibliography
ISBN: 978-1-891640-22-3

Europe Studies China

Papers from an International Conference on the History of European Sinology

edited by Ming Wilson & John Cayley

This outstanding work reviews Sinological studies in most European nations from their inception through the late 20th century, reported by the most eminent sinologists of that latter date.

352 pp, 7 x 10, Hard
Chinese history / Bibliography
35 monochrome illustrations / Bibliographies
ISBN: 978-1-891640-27-8

Visiting China’s Past

A Guide to Sites and Resources

by Robert L. Thorp

In 24 short essays, takes the reader on a tour of the most important archaeological discoveries in China of the last century, a readable and reliable introduction to Chinese archaeology.

240 pp, 6 x 9, Soft
Over 150 black-and-white illustrations, bibliography, index
Chinese archaeology & art / Travel
ISBN: 978-1-891640-33-9

Visiting Historic Beijing

A Guide to Sites and Resources

by Robert L. Thorp

A guided tour for the curious traveler, and a readable and reliable introduction to how Chinese culture is integrated into the architecture and urban planning of one of the world’s most magnificent capitals.

336 pp, 6 x 9, Soft
Over 150 black-and-white illustrations, bibliography, index
Chinese architecture & culture / Travel
ISBN: 978-1-891640-53-7

Winner of the 2014 Lucien Stryk Prize for Best Translation of the Year from an Asian Language, awarded by ALTA (the American Literary Translators Association).

Every Rock a Universe:
The Yellow Mountains and Chinese Travel Writing

including the first complete translation of Wang Hongdu's A Record of Comprehending the Essentials of the Yellow Mountains

by Jonathan Chaves

A fascinating eighteenth-century travel journal to an area of scenic beauty that remains a hugely popular tourist destination today, written by poet and artist Wang Hongdu (1646–1721/1722) and never before available in English.

210 pp, 6 x 9, Soft
8 monochrome photographs by Wang Wusheng
ISBN: 978-1-891640-70-4


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